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Build a Remote-Controlled Car

Students will design and build a remote-control car. Through a series of hands on exercises, students will learn necessary skills and demonstrates knowledge of the concepts by engaging in the 3-D design process and customizing 3-D printed parts. They will assemble a motor and program Arduino microprocessors for joystick control. The course will culminate with a competition on an obstacle course. The class will meet once a week for six weeks; between meetings, students will work on the project on their own time with access to customized YouTube tutorials and access to mentors by e-mail and Skype.

Actual 3D designs will be 3D printed and used in the assembly of a final project. Effective programming of an Arduino circuit will be required to complete a successful and operational Radio Controlled car. All 3D designs, all circuits that are built by the student and the completed final project will be evaluated by the instructor, who is an Electronics Engineer and holds MS and BS degrees from MIT and has designed and developed a wide range of electronic products.

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