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Soil Fertility

Students from participating schools will spend two 2-hour sessions delving into soil fertility. This will include conducting soil tests, examining the importance of soil to the health of plants, and exploring the importance of soil fertility as part of broader ecological and community health.

Learners will demonstrate: 1. Active engagement in soil testing, including assessing the composition and relative quality of numerous soil samples 2. Understanding of basic factors effecting soil fertility 3. Understanding of the connections between soil fertility and plant health, farmer's livelihoods, ecological health, and community vitality 4. Recognition of the ways composting fits into a model of sustainable agriculture that also contributes to soil fertility Farm School Educators will evaluate student engagement with these concepts through discussion-based inquiry, exploration, and reflection. In addition, students will conduct soil tests in groups and fill out sample evaluations. As part of an activity exploring soil fertility as part of overall land stewardship, they will examine applicable ecological and cultural aspects. These will be discussed in their groups (and shared with the larger group) and will be written out as part of their exploration of a case study example.

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