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Leadership: Salt Marsh Ecology Education

Summer Camp Junior Counselors (JC) will work with their collaborating Counselor to lead a salt marsh ecology lesson. As part of this, they will review possible activities and relevant content, emphasizing what is appropriate for the group (age, group dynamics, behavioral concerns, challenge level, schedule, etc.). Together they will select an activity, and review its components and progression, materials, safety considerations, and behavioral and group dynamics concerns. They will also discuss "tricks of the trade" (i.e. pedagogical, methodological, and logistical issues and tips). The Counselor will review the principles of debriefing and ensure the JC understands the process and its purpose, particularly in regard to this activity. Once the Counselor is confident the JC can facilitate the lesson, they will discuss how they will co-teach (i.e. "who will do what") and time will be allocated. Throughout the lesson, the Counselor will provide supervision and any support that may be needed (including intervening). The JC is expected to be the primary leader for at least 50% of the activity. After the lesson has been facilitated, the JC will evaluate the session with their collaborating Counselor. This will include self-reflection as well as feedback from the collaborating Counselor.Together they will discuss how the JC might adapt the lesson in the future in light of their debrief.

Learners (JC) will demonstrate:1. Proficiency in lesson content 2. Ability to provide a plan/overview of the lesson with attention paid to learning objectives 3. Ability to co-lead a group of youth through these activities safely and in a way that supports overal learning objectives, including debriefing 4. Attention to (and, at least minimal management of) group dynamics 5. Self-evaluation of leadership and implementation, including generating ideas for improvement and/or adaptations.

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