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Junior Counselor

Summer Camp Junior Counselors will work with their collaborating Counselor to lead a lesson. As part of this, they will review the lesson components, the schedule of activities, materials, safety considerations, and behavioral and group dynamics concerns. They will also discuss "tricks of the trade" (i.e. pedagogical, methodological, and logistical issues and tips). Once the Counselor is confident the Junior Counselor can facilitate the lesson, time will be allocated. After the lesson has been facilitated, the Junior Counselor will debrief and evaluate the session with their collaborating Counselor. This will include self-reflection as well as feedback from the collaborating Counselor. Together they will discuss how the Junior Counselor might adapt the lesson in the future in light of their debrief.

Learners will demonstrate:1. Proficiency in lesson content 2. Ability to provide a plan/overview of a lesson 3. Ability to facilitate a group of youth through an activity 4. Attention to (and, at least minimal management of) group dynamics 5. Self-evaluation of leadership and implementation, including generating ideas for improvement and/or adaptations. Prior to facilitating the lesson, the Junior Counselor will fill out a brief outline of the lesson and create a list of materials. While facilitating the lesson, the collaborating Counselor will take note of facilitation skills, attention to group dynamics, debriefing techniques, and other leadership qualities. Following the lesson, the Junior Counselor and their collaborating Counselor will debrief the lesson implementation. Reflections and lesson adaptations will be recorded and added to the lesson outline.The culminating feature of this will be a completed lesson outline, reflections on its implementation, and ideas for adapting the lesson in the future.

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