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Compost Management

Youth in our teenage program will participate in regular management of our composting systems, including adding materials, maintaining the piles, problem-solving "issues" that may arise, and distributing finished compost to garden beds and field sites.

Learners will demonstrate: 1. Regular participation in all stages of compost management (adding, maintaining, distributing) 2. Ability to problem-solve common issues that arise in compost piles, including with water, aeration, surface area:volume, carbon:nitrogen 3. Understanding of the basic principles of compost management 4. Understanding of how compost fits into a more sustainable approach to soil fertility Teen Ag supervisors will oversee engagement with regular maintenance, which will include problem-solving around common issues using an understanding of basic principles of compost management. The teens will share their understanding of compost and its role on our sustainable farm as part of their engagement with the public and "teachable moments" with our youth programming. Program supervisors will be present for these interactions and will assess their presentation skills and knowledge, and will provide feedback.

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