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Reading Mentor

Student must complete an application for demographic information including parent permission. Student must complete an interest survey to be used in making appropriate match with mentee. A required interview will cover experience working with youth, appropriateness as a role model/mentor, and work readiness skills. Student must complete a one hour literacy training and a one hour mentoring training. After successful completion of application process match will be made with a 1, 2, or 3 grader.

Mentor will work with mentee for at least 6 45 minute sessions. Mentor will be familiar with strategies for strong readers including before reading (picture walk, preview skills, predictions), during reading (comprehension checks, assisted reading strategies of model reading, choral reading, show reading and independent reading) and after reading (vocabulary review, review of what was in the reading, making connections.) Pre and post surveys. Formal observation by trainer, completion of 6 sessions.

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