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Programming for Beginners - SPL

Learner attends three on-site workshops held on Mondays over a three week period in the summer. The participants will setup a free account on CodeHS and joins the online class established by the library. He/she will complete the first module of the course as part of this group. A Group Facilitator, a staff librarian with experience teaching Computer Science, facilitates the process and provides hands-on help. Workshops will cover the first module of the CodeHS curriculum, which is being offered in its entirety at the library in the fall (and which will also be taught at the Scarborough High School starting in September). By writing simple code that moves a dog named Karel around a computer screen, participants will become comfortable with the online learning environment and gain a basic understanding of core computer science concepts: variables, conditionals, and looping. The course uses the javascript language, making it easy for participants to move forward with this popular language if they choose to continue learning how to program.

Learner's progress and achievements are tracked on the CodeHS platform and reviewed by the Group Facilitator. Group Facilitator can also track whether the learners have watched related videos through subcription services provided by the library, namely Lynda.com, but also through the library's large computer science ebook collection. Learners are given an optional coding exercise at the last workshop which can be added to their portfolio upon successful completion. CodeHS platform provides assessment and ongoing feedback tied to the learner's account and reviewed by the group facilitator. An optional final coding project (20 to 50 lines of javascript code that can be run in a web browser) is also assessed by the facilator and added to the learner's online portfolio upon successful completion.

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