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LEGO Robotics Camp Roboteer

Student participates in a week long robotics camp, where the students learn to build and program using the LEGO MindStorms kit. Student demonstrates the unique skill at the core of engineering: attempt things beyond the instruction in a constructive manner. Student will, with or without the assistance of the leaders, take on independent projects that are unique to their own goals. This could be within the realm of either the engineering aspect (building) or the programming aspect, or both.

Student successfully utilizes the cyclical engineering process of plan, devise, attempt, evaluate, and return to planning that makes up the field of engineering. This utilization of the engineering process can be demonstrated in either, or both, of the mechanical or programming aspects inherent in a robotics program. The student who can spend hours working on the same project, constantly modifying it to work towards success is the best candidate for this badge. Nominated by camp leaders

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