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Counselor In Training

This digital badge is for high school students who work at one of the Maine Robotics summer camps and who assist the adult mentors in the operation and teaching of any of our 40+ weeks of camp in Maine. The student would be mentored in turn by the adults. Skills learned would include working with the campers; organizing the structure of the learning environment; presenting short educational presentations; working 1-on-1 with students as needs arose; and learning skills associated with student motivation and tasking.

Serves as a Counselor In Training for at least 1 week. Are self-starting in seeking out campers in need of assistance. Spend time each day asking campers questions; providing leading questions for the campers "how could you do that?"; assist with daily cleanup, snack times, camper check-in/check-out; and assist camp staff with general running of camp. Camp Leaders report names back to MR Office

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