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Build Your Own Computer Camp

Students participate in a week long camp, where the students learn about computer architecture, nomenclature, and then build and configure a desktop personal computer. Students learn the skills of safe handling of electronic parts. They will also learn the purpose and function of motherboards, memory, CPUs, hard drives, power supplies, and cooling systems. Students will then run basic BIOS startup diagnostics; install virus protection software; Windows operating systems; and a suite of useful freeware programs to get them started.

Student successfully identifies the different basic components of a personal computer (Case, PSU, Motherboard, Memory, CPU, Hard drive, monitor, keyboard, mouse). Student successfully builds, from components, their personal computer. Student runs basic BIOS diagnostics and setup steps necessary to configure the computer to install the operating system. Student successfully installs the operating system and runs a full system scan using the Windows utilities. Camp Leaders report names back to MR Office

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