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Advanced LEGO Robotics Camp

Students participate in a week long advanced robotics camp, where the students work on independent and original designs with the aid of mentors. Projects can be student derived or offered as guidance from the leaders. Projects are likely to be multi-day in nature with more advanced/complex designs and programming than would be found in a standard LEGO Robotics Camp. Skills are likely to include data manipulation; definition and use of variables; operator input during the operation cycle, and numeric manipulation of behavior based on sensor data.

Student identifies and works on an advanced, usually multi-day project (in excess of 8 hours of tasked work). Projects can include, but are not limited to, sorting machines, cranes, musical instruments, multiple strings within the program, use of variables, nested LOOPS and/or SWITCHES. Students will demonstrate the engineering process of identifying problems (in the design or program); attempting solutions; testing of solutions; and then identifying new programs. Projects should be independent and original in nature, where the student can not rely solely on building and programming directions from mentors, printed or online material. However, it is acceptable to start with an existing idea and build on or modify that project with significant improvements or alterations. Camp Leaders report names back to MR Office

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