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Improver (Improve)

Based on the Boston Museum of Science's curriculum Engineering is Elementary, which teaches students an engineering design process: "Ask," "Imagine," "Plan," "Create," and "Improve."  In the "Improve" step, the goal is for Learner to once again ask themselves: "what works? What doesn't? What could work better?? and to modify their design to make it better.  The final step is for the Learner to improve upon the prototype created in the "Create" stage. 

To earn the bage, the Learner must use the plan and outcome of initial tests, improve upon their prototype solution to the problem and once again test its effectiveness.

1. Learner brainstorms improvements to their prototype solution.

2. Learner uses materials responsibly to improve upon design.

3. Learner tests solution to problem. 

4. Learner records outcome of test, and compares it to initial outcome.

5. If working in a group, learner collaborates effectively and contributes positively to group.

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