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Maine Invasive Observer

Learner chooses a species of interest( http://vitalsignsme.org/species-identification-resources) or Field Mission of interest (http://vitalsignsme.org/field-missions), and makes careful, scientific observations in study site(s), collecting and sharing evidence that the species is present(FOUND) or absent (NOT FOUND). Learner posts two FOUND or NOT FOUND claims regarding the same species (with supporting evidence for each) to Vital Signs. NOT FOUND Example - http://vitalsignsme.org/species-berberis-thunbergii-was-not-found-waynflete2-2013-05-13 FOUND EXAMPLE - "http://vitalsignsme.org/species-botrylloides-violaceus-was-found-b-scientificalls-i-2014-10-15

Issued for contribution - Learner publishes two observations to the Vital Signs website in contribution to the same Field Mission or on the same target species

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