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Published Mini-Comic Artist

Learner observes the instructor's demonstration on how to fold and cut a single-sheet booklet, and as the instructor demonstrates basic lettering and drawing in pen and ink skills. The larger focus is on story-telling, and the instructor shows examples of pacing a comic and composing panels and using camera "angles" and comics conventions. The instructor shows examples of his own work as a means of demonstrating each stage of the process of creating a multi-page comics story, from rough idea, to storyboard to pencil to ink. Following completion of the mini-book, the instructor shows basic photocopier functions helpful to printing a mini-comic.

The learner creates one mini-comic through following the process of idea, rough storyboard sketch, penciling, inking, lettering and erasing pencil lines. Then he or she prints several copies of the comic using a photocopier, cutting and folding each copy to create a small edition of the comic book. Issued for completing the final product.

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