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Maine State of Learning Performance Challenge

Learners who have earned 3 digital badges in the arts/maker track, with a focus on performing arts, will be invited to perform a student-created piece at the Maine State of Learning Showcase in September 2015. Learners will choose whether they would like to choose a new performance piece or a previously rehearsed performance piece associated with an earlier earned badge. For a new piece, learner will develop an original monologue, scene, dance, aerial dance, poem, etc. to be performed at the showcase. For a previously rehearsed piece, learner will work with a mentor to polish the performance and add a new element such as costume, music, extension, or other. If you are have already earned 3 digital badges in the Arts/Maker track and would like to tackle this challenge, please contact: Kelly Steinhagen at ksteinhagen@breakwaterschool.org or 207.772.8689 ext.238

Learner evaluates, develops, and rehearses a performance piece for the September Showcase. Learner presents his or her performance at the showcase in front of an audience. In order to attempt the challenge, learners must have earned 3 digital badges in the Arts/Maker track, with a focus on performing arts to unlock the opportunity to participate in this challenge. Badge is issued after performance at showcase.

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