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Breakwater Science Challenge

Any learner who earned 2 badges in the outdoor/environment track will have the chance to create his or her own invention and their final products in the Maine State of Learning Showcase in September. An instructor from Breakwater will devise a science challenge that will then be presented to the learners. Learners will receive a packet with requirements and parameters for their invention one month before the showcase in September 2015. If you are have already earned 2 digital badges in the Outdoor/Environment track and would like to tackle this challenge, please contact: Kelly Steinhagen at ksteinhagen@breakwaterschool.org or 207.772.8689 ext.238

In order to attempt the challenge, learners must have earned 2 digital badges in the Outdoor/Environment track to unlock the opportunity to participate in this challenge. Learner will create an invention that will complete the science challenge at home. Learner will bring his or her invention to the Maine State of Learning showcase in September 2015 in which there will be a non-competitive display for each learner’s final product. Badge is Issued for completing a final product for the science challenge showcase in September 2015.

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